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There is currently a huge traveller encampment at South Winchester Park & Ride (M3 Junction 11) which currently totals more than fifty vehicles with more vehicles having been arriving steadily for the past forty eight hours.

I do not currently have details about when this group are likely to be moved, however, the size of the camp is starting to have an impact on the park and ride so I would anticipate imminent action.

Please be vigilant around any open spaces that you have within your parishes during the next few days and consider whether there is any opportunity to “target harden” your open spaces.

There is no reliable information or intelligence to indicate where this group are heading next but the sheer size of the group necessitates a significant sized plot of land if they want to stay together so recreation grounds and car parks may be attractive potential sites.

Best Regards


Stuart Gilmour
Police Sergeant 2183
Greater Winchester NPT
Meon Valley Police Station
Hoe Road
Bishops Waltham, SO32 1DS
Direct dial: 101 Ext 4643125
Mobile: 07775 544636               

Break-in at Meonstoke School

Dear Neighbourhood Watch supporter

You may have heard there was a break-in at the school yesterday morning

(Thursday). The alarm registered the time as 4.20am.

At 4.15am at least three residents in Chapel Lane were woken by the

occupants of a parked car shouting to each other before heading off towards

the bridge, where presumably they entered the school from the rear car park.

One resident caught the car on CCTV and has told the police, but the image

wasn’t good enough to see the number plate. Another resident in the High

Street saw them on their CCTV going in the direction of Chapel Lane, but

again the image was too much of a b

So if anyone else has CCTV trained on Chapel Lane, High Street or Bucks Head

Hill, can you see if it has recorded anything between 4 and 4.30? Let me

know if you have, and I’ll collate any information and pass it to the


On another matter, on either Wednesday or Thursday kids somehow got into the

locked tennis court at the Meon Hall and drew obscenities in chalk on the

surface. They had also lobbed heavy stones and sticks into it.

Has anyone any idea who might be responsible?

Kind regards

Ian Gilchrist

Meonstoke Corhampton and Exton Neighbourhood Watch

01489 877238


Oil Tank Theft


Local Car Break-ins

A warning from police that you should take care if you leave your car parked in a remote spot, even if it’s a public car park. An Exton resident parked her car in a car park in Beacon Hill Lane the other day, went for a 20 minute walk with her dog, and returned to find the rear window smashed. Nothing was taken because there was nothing in the car to take, but it was still distressing. She wonders if it was wise to have kept the shelf in place in the boot, the one that hides from view anything that may be in it. Maybe if you’re parking in a remote area it might be an idea to remove the shelf, thus showing potential thieves that there’s nothing in the boot to take?   The thieves were definitely out and about that day. I now learn from the police that an hour or two earlier the same had happened to a vehicle parked in Beacon Hill Road at Warnford; and another at Station Road, West Meon. In the latter case, several low value items were stolen.



 Nine sheds and garages were broken into on the night of Friday/Saturday
11/12th November. In one of them, £1,500 of builders equipment were stolen.
A van was also broken into and a large amount of gardening equipment taken 

It seems we are the latest of several villages to be hit, with 31
outbuildings having been reported across East Hampshire in the last
fortnight alone.

The Police have now asked us to pass on the following preventative advice
General home and outbuilding security Keep the boundaries of your property well-maintained and secure to keep out unwanted visitors. Ensure all doors and windows are shut and locked when not in use. Ensure windows and door frames are in good repair. Fit adequate locks to sheds, garages and outbuildings and consider fitting shutters or grilles to windows, or blocking them completely. Fit good quality window locks. Consider fitting a monitored home intruder alarm. Check security equipment regularly to ensure it works properly. Consider installing automatic security lights that come on at dusk and go off at dawn. Help make your property look occupied by fitting timer switches to lamps

in different rooms and set them to come on at staggered times. Consider installing CCTV to provide formal surveillance to the most vulnerable areas of the property. Consider installing an audible and monitored intruder alarm system. Security marking. All property, including vehicles and tools, should be uniquely marked, photographed and details such as serial, chassis and model numbers recorded. The purpose of marking property is:
To reduce the payoff to the thief: traceable property may be more difficult to sell on. To increase the likelihood of identifying property as stolen ­ thereby assisting prosecution. To increase the likelihood of re-uniting property with the owner.

There are a number of methods for marking property effectively. Covertly ­ for example through use of Forensic DNA marker as liquid, gel or grease; UV pen; tracking or tagging technology; micro-marking. Overtly ­ by engraving/chemical etching; labels; postcoding or use of barcodes. Log your property for free on

 Report any suspicions If you ever see anything the slightest bit suspicious, please don’t hesitate to tell someone. Obviously tell the Police on 999 if it’s something they should immediately come out to, such as a burglary or break-in actually happening – or you think it might be happening, though you’re not sure. The Police won’t get annoyed if it turns out to be a false alarm. They have always told us they would rather come out to a false alarm than not be given the opportunity to come out at all. 

If you’re in doubt as to what to do, phone the NW co-ordinator for your street (you’ll find their contact details in the centre pages of The Bridge magazine), and ask for their advice.  Or phone me of course.

Most importantly, try to jot down the registration number of any vehicle involved.

Please let’s all be extra vigilant!



Hi everyone
An update on the two attempted break-ins in the High Street on 15 September…
Hampshire Police are very pleased with us. We had four residents who gave
descriptions of the two bikers involved. One of the residents actually
captured them and their bike on CCTV, complete with registration number
OKB, and this picture was featured on a Police appeal on tonight’s South
Today programme. I’ve attached the picture.
The two bikers have now been responsible for 12 house break-ins across
Hampshire, in which they’ve stolen jewellery and other small valuable items
that can be fitted into the canvas holdall carried by the pillion person
The Police have sent out the following appeal (below). Please read it and
report anything suspicious.
Meantime, well done the residents who reported their suspicions. It’s been a
brilliant example of Neighbourhood Watch in action!

Kind regards

Ian Gilchrist
Meonstoke Corhampton and Exton Neighbourhood Watch

Shed break-in in the High Street

Hi everyone

Sorry to bear bad news again, but around 11 this morning there were attempted break-ins at two houses at the school end of the High Street.
In one, an attempt was made to smash a French window with a hammer. The glass proved too strong but considerable damage was caused. In the other, force was used on the locked door of a small wooden garden shed, but fortunately the lock was too strong. 
Two motorcyclists were seen loitering nearby at the time, both of them clad from head to foot in black gear, helmet and goggles, and one was seen entering one the garden of the properties. Did anyone see them, there or elsewhere in the village? If you did, please let me know and I’ll pass any useful information on to the Police.
What can we do to prevent ourselves being victims? 

  • A house burglar alarm is the best deterrent. They cost money, but it’s a fraction of the value of the goods that can be removed in minutes by a professional thief.

  • Wooden garden sheds are particularly vulnerable because they can so easily be broken into. But there are alarms available that can be fitted to sheds as well. 

    In the meantime please watch out for anything or anyone suspicious, and report it either to: 
  • The Police (on 101 if it doesn’t require immediate Police attendance, or 999 if it does), 

  • Or if you’re doubtful, the neighbourhood watch co-ordinator for your street (you’ll find their contact details in the centre of The Bridge magazine), or me.

    And always remember: if you can note down the registration number of any vehicle involved, so much the better.
    RegardsIan Gilchrist
    Meonstoke Corhampton and Exton Neighbourhood Watch
    01489 87723819 Sept 2016

Dear Villager
Alas I have to report a shed break-in last night in Meonstoke High Street
between 10pm and 7am, in which the shed lock was forced and over £1,000
worth of garden equipment taken. Some of it was fairly heavy so there must
have been more than one person.
It would wise for everyone to check their own shed this morning in case
that wasn’t the only break-in last night, though let’s hope it was.
And did anyone hear or see anything suspicious between those hours? Please
let me know if you did, and I can pass the information on to the Police.
Kind regards
Ian Gilchrist
Meonstoke Corhampton and Exton Neighbourhood Watch
01489 877238

17 Sept 2016

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