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Update 11 Jan 2018

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Update 24 December 2017

‘Some Meonstoke residents & businesses are the first in our parish to get ‘Superfast’ broadband

Are you included?

Find out at

Or eMail Peter O’Sullivan (Meonstoke)

Update 13 December 2017

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Update –  November 2017


BroadbandUpgradeNewsletter- MeonBenefice_09Oct17 Update

Update 23 May 2016

Please see the attached update on the implementation schedule for the Hampshire/BT BDUK superfast broadband for the Droxford Exchange

I am attaching both MS Word & PDF versions, as some people cannot read one or other version

Please will you make the update available via your websites, and Facebook pages, and directly to residents and businesses on your mailing lists



The BDUK team advises that the dates to which this update refers are not guaranteed;
the implementation activity may hit unforeseen obstacles causing a delay.


FTTP (Fibre to the Premise), offering up to 200 Mbps, will be implemented for properties in specified post codes

The speed will be determined by the contract with the service user’s selected superfast broadband provider. The speed will not be degraded by the current infrastructure or distance from the exchange.

The properties that will benefit are businesses and residential properties in selected post codes (listed in this update) in:

–           Most of Soberton

–           Most of Exton

–           Some of Corhampton

–           Some of Droxford

Meonstoke will not benefit from Stage 1 


FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet), offering up to 76 Mbps, will be implemented in most of the remaining properties.

The speed will be determined by the contract with the service user’s selected superfast broadband provider

The speed achievable will be subject to degradation caused by the current infrastructure (copper and aluminium) and/or distance from the exchange

The properties that will benefit are most (but not all) businesses and residential properties not included in Stage 1 – Soberton, Exton, Corhampton, Droxford;  and in Meonstoke (not included in Stage 1)


Some properties will not be in the scope of the Hampshire/BT BDUK plan to provide superfast broadband to 96% of Hampshire properties. The service users in these properties will not benefit from Stage 1 or Stage 2 implementation.


The update explains how service users can determine in which (if any) stage of implementation they will be included



I hope this is clear and helpful


Peter O’Sullivan


Update to November 16 meeting

The film of the ‘Meon Valley Digital Futures’ meeting has now been published and is available on YouTube via this link


I am writing to let you know that the film of the ‘Meon Valley Digital Futures’ meeting has now been published

The film (divided into sections – details in the attached document) is available on YouTube as an ‘unlisted’ playlist i.e. available only to those who have the URL, not through a general public search of YouTube

You can embed the playlist into the PC website. This is how.

I suggest you ask your website developer to include the text & encoding from the attached word document on your website; you can of course annotate or change the text.

The encoding (generated by YouTube, and highlighted in yellow) creates a window on the website page and embeds the Playlist in it.

You can see an example of something similar on the Saxons-in-the-Meon-Valley website page for promoting the aerial film –  

You can also access the playlist via this shortened YouTube URL –; click on this URL or type or copy&paste it into a browser. 

I am also sending a notification to participants at, and people who expressed an interest in attending, the meeting in November; and publicising it through the February Bridge magazine.

I hope this make sense and is helpful


Peter O’Sullivan  / 07710035722

Another Update


The URL has been changed


Latest Update


Broadband Update


Complaints regarding telephone faults and slow broadband

If you are suffering from a number of telephone faults which don’t seem to be rectified or very slow broadband please give the details to Cllr John Shaw:- (email address with your name, telephone number and the recurring fault or the download speed and upload speed.

This will be forwarded to our MP George Hollingbery’s office who will take this up on our behalf.

15 September 2016


This statement below is the latest news from Hampshire County Council’s superfast broadband department.

As you will read, it gives no confirmation over which of us in Droxford, Meonstoke, Corhampton and Exton (all served by the Droxford exchange) will actually be lucky enough to get superfast broadband in 2017. Some may be lucky, others will not – and those people left behind will have no firm options for broadband improvement in the future.

“The situation in your postcode has not changed from the original update you posted below – we have changed the layout a little of the pop up information that residents read but the information remains the same: some properties in SO32 3NF will be upgraded between January and December 2017.

Unfortunately, some properties in SO32 3NF fall into the final 5% of properties which we cannot afford to connect to superfast broadband. This is likely to be because they are too far from the cabinet that will be upgraded. As an added complication, sometimes postcodes are served by more than one cabinet for example your postcode is served by Droxford 1, Droxford R7 and Droxford Exchange Only lines.

Those properties located within around 1200m of the cabinet will receive superfast speeds (minimum 24 Mbps) but beyond this point there is speed degradation. We have seen properties located 1km seen an improvement in speeds but those located closest to the cabinet will receive the best uplift in speeds.

Unfortunately it is not possible for us to predict in advance who will and who will not benefit from the upgrades, we can only ascertain what speeds you will receive once the cabinet goes live.

You will receive notification email once the cabinet that serves your postcode has been upgraded. Many thanks for your patience a

24 August 2016


Additional Superfast Funding available – Push for Droxford Exchange Now

July 31st 2015 update by Michael Peagram

The Government has announced yesterday the release of £129m of additional funding for rural superfast broadband.

Until now our understanding has been that we might expect Droxford exchange to be upgraded to superfast broadband sometime mid-2017.

We believe that a really good push now might and should accelerate this schedule.

It’s time to really make our feelings known to our MP, County Councillor and Hampshire County Council. Most importantly, please pass this email to your friends in the exchange area and ask them to do so too.

If you know anyone at South Downs NP capable of influencing decision making email them too! In my opinion, if they had done half as good a job as New Forest NP did for their Park, we’d be much further ahead now.

Contact our MP, George Hollingbery (please note the spelling!) and County Councillor Roger and Glenn Peacey, Programme Manager Hampshire Superfast Broadband Programme, to let them know how important an early upgrade would be to your work and family.

We have always believed that Droxford exchange upgrade is precisely and exactly the sort of exchange which should have been upgraded first under the BDUK rural funding scheme.

But we are not remote from the superfast fibre – it runs up the A32!

No other exchange in Hampshire is more remote from a mainline railway station or motorway junction and nowhere would good quality communications more perfectly offset the need to travel unnecessarily.

Hampshire County Council asked us at the outset to register our interest in superfast broadband giving us the impression that by so doing we would affect the upgrade programme.

We were mystified and dismayed, therefore, to find that exchanges which had registered far fewer expressions of interest our being upgraded now and that we might have to wait until mid-2017. When pressed on this point Hampshire County Council say that they have to abide by the mysterious “algorithm” agreed with central government based on “homes passed”.

If is the case that the timing of Droxford’s upgrade was pre-ordained, then it seems that the entire registration process and call for local response was a nonsense and the politicians should admit it.
If it not a nonsense then making our urgent request for an upgrade must be our way forward. Droxford in the SDNP is every bit as worthy of an upgrade as North Yorkshire or Cumbria or Cornwall or wherever and because the fibre is there it’s a darn site cheaper to provide.

Let’s get Droxford fixed!

April 2015 update

According to Hampshire County Council’s website most of Corhampton and Meonstoke postcodes will be included in Wave 2 which will extend superfast broadband coverage to 96% of properties across Hampshire between early 2016 and end of 2018.

It says: “There is a lot of detailed planning to undertake and we expect to publish more news regarding timescales for the rollout of Wave 2 from September 2015. The programme is committed to seeking additional support to extend coverage even further and address the hardest to reach premises in the remaining 4%.

“We will publish details regarding these plans as soon as they become available. Please note: This does not guarantee that every premise in the postcode will be able to access superfast broadband. In some cases, a few properties might be too far away from the new equipment to benefit.”

However, BT’s own website says our area is still in its “Exploring Solutions” category. BT’s website says: “We’re keen to bring Superfast Fibre to your area and are exploring how best to achieve that. We may deliver it as part of our commercial programme, or by working in partnership with your local authority. At the moment you can’t order Superfast Fibre.”

Please register you interest in superfast broadband as this could help speed up its installation in our area. Click here.


May 2014 update by Michael Peagram

Our efforts to secure superfast broadband for those served by Droxford telephone exchange has not progressed as rapidly as we had hoped.

Regular readers may recall that despite what was believed to be the highest rates of registration expressing interest in superfast broadband, the decision was made that Droxford area would not receive funding under Broadband Delivery UK.

The campaign is looking at alternative methods of funding an upgrade of the system, probably involving some form of local fund raising coupled with, potentially, grant assistance. With the help of Hampshire County Council, BT engineers were asked to assess the present system and look at ways that it can be improved.

An inspection was carried out just before Christmas but we are still waiting for their report. Hampshire County Council have confirmed that they are continuing to press BT but they state that “this a very complex picture because Droxford exchange isn’t being upgraded at all and so this is a complete build rather than the usual ‘add on’.”




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