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Nottingham Knockers

Posted on: 1st Aug 2018

4th August 2018
Pedlars – an alternative view
Dear NW members,
A resident has pointed out to me that there is an alternative point of view regarding the Nottingham Knockers.  His/her experience was of a very polite lad  who stated that he was recently out of prison and was trying to earn a living on a scheme selling household equipment etc. The resident added that we can’t hope to understand his life, and was happy to help the lad.  Many of us will sympathise with that, but please read on.
It is not for NW to judge the motives of any individual pedlar; however, the NW recommendation, as stated previously, stands.  The link below gives the police line on the matter.  Regarding Pedlars Certificate, I still haven’t been sent an image of a genuine one, but in any case it might prove to be awkward if, when asked to see one, the pedlar produces one – which might well be fake.  Here’s the reality:-
Dear NW members,
Firstly, the police are aware of the recent visit to Corhampton and Exton by a Nottingham Knocker.  They have the registration number of the mini bus that brought the lad to our area, and they know that there is a clear pic of him.  Excellent work by Shaw Somers (pic) and Malcolm Hyder (registration number).  At least one report was made to 101.  I have yet to hear back from the police, but they have a large area to cover.
On the matter of reporting, I attach a “quick guide” that our PCSO kindly sent me.  It not only covers 101 and 999, but also deals with fraud, and online reporting.  The correct procedure is to first contact 101 or 999, as the circumstances dictate, and then to let your street coordinator know.  If you can’t get hold of your coordinator, try any coordinator – and that includes me.  Word will be spread as quickly as possible.
I hope to be able to send everyone an image of the latest Pedlars’ Certificate that any Knocker should be able to provide; although the advice still goes that they should be deterred in a polite manner.  It has been said that such visits have been followed by burglaries a week or so later, although the link hasn’t been proven, and some Knockers have been abusive and threatening.
Kindest regards,
Peter Riley,
Chair C,M&E NW
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