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Neighbourhood Watch

Posted on: 10th Dec 2018

Dear villagers,
Thanks to all who have, and still are, responding.
Apparently, the young man has been around since this afternoon knocking on doors at all four villages.  He has been described as wearing a GOSH tabard, and had on one occasion, at least, shown an ID.  He has been reported as shouting, but not known what he was shouting and to whom.  It could be that there’s more than one person involved.
I feel that it’s unlikely that he’s a genuine collector for Great Ormond Street, but in any case strongly recommend that he is politely declined – as seems to be the case.  There are other ways to contribute to GOSH, as we all know.
I tried to contact GOSH, but their switchboard is now closed for the day.  I will contact them tomorrow and let everyone know the result.
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