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Posted on: 25th Mar 2019

Peter Riley (

Dear all,

Today, I was informed that a white van had been seen photographing properties in Meonstoke.  This report comes on the back of police advice that there is a gang, or more, targeting rural areas.  Properties have been broken into and small items stolen, and at least one vehicle broken into.

Regarding today’s report, the occupants of the van were described as follows – one man in his 20s and of height about 6ft with a “blond complexion, and the other man being shorter with a sandy/gingery beard.  When challenged, (in Bridgemead I believe) they said that they were checking the grass verges on behalf of grass cutting contractors – or similar explanation.

I must stress that their explanation could be correct, for all I know, but residents should be alert to the above, especially bearing in mind the recent police advice.  If anyone sees them, could they please let me, or their street coordinator, know the number of the van.



23 March 2019

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