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Posted on: 12th Mar 2019

48 Rectory Lane Corhampton Winchester Pound Lane Stocks Lane Surface Dressing Councillor Roger Huxstep Meon Valley Corhampton and Meonstoke CP
49 Stocks Lane Corhampton Winchester Warnford Road Yeomans Farm Lane Surface Dressing Councillor Roger Huxstep Meon Valley Corhampton and Meonstoke CP
50 Pound Lane Corhampton Winchester Rectory Lane Stocks Lane Surface Dressing Councillor Roger Huxstep Meon Valley Corhampton and Meonstoke CP
51 Shavard Lane Corhampton Winchester Stocks Lane Frys Lane Surface Dressing Councillor Roger Huxstep Meon Valley Corhampton and Meonstoke CP

For information, see below

I am writing to you to inform you of my intention to carry out the 2019/2020 programme of surface dressing treatments in New Forest and Winchester areas, some sites of which are in your division (please see attached schedule).

The purpose of the treatments is to seal the road structure from water ingress, which arrests the formation of potholes. The treatment is not designed to regulate the shape of the road in any way. The process of surface dressing involves spraying a finely calibrated amount of bitumen on to the existing, cleansed, road surface, followed by feeding a calibrated amount of aggregate on to the film of bitumen. The treatment is briefly rolled to begin the embedment process which is completed by the action of vehicles moving over the treatment slowly. It should be noted that the treatment does require a large amount of chippings to ensure the bitumen is covered completely, and therefore loose material will be present on the surface for a short time.

Signs will be erected to warn drivers of the risk of loose material and encourage them to drive slowly to prevent damage to their own cars, other people’s cars and the treatment itself. The loose material will be removed by a mechanical sweeper after two days, and again after two weeks. Road markings will be installed once the treatment has been swept and fully settled unless poor weather is experienced.

The schedule attached shows the site names and the extents we are planning to treat. Where ‘plus’ is noted in the treatment column on the schedule, this site will require a second visit three to four days after the dressing to apply a secondary part of the treatment.

Whilst the treatments are carried out, every effort will be made to minimise disruption to highway users, although for Health and Safety reasons much of the work will require a road closure. Pedestrian access to property will not be affected, although vehicular movement will be restricted because of the size and nature of the plant required to carry out the work. Naturally, none of this applies to emergency vehicles.

The programme will be delivered by one workforce and is estimated to start 11th March 2019 and will continue to the other districts around the county. Most sites will be completed in one day except the largest which will take one and a half days. Roads that are not completed in one day will be re-opened in the evening. Notification will be provided via signage on site and, where required, a letter will be sent just before the works start. The letters explain the nature of the works and the restrictions necessary, I have attached examples of the letter for your information.

Please be aware that the process is weather sensitive and as a result, changes to dates and times are likely, and often at short notice. The pre warning signs will be updated as soon as possible to help inform the travelling public and residents alike.

Should you have any queries or require further information please do not hesitate to call me on 01962 813061 or email

Your sincerely,

Derek Osborne

Highway Engineer – Planned Maintenance

Hampshire Highways

Tel: 0300 555 1388



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