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suspicious vehicle

Posted on: 1st Mar 2019

Dear all,
I have just received the following rather worrying report.
“This afternoon, at approx. 17.20 I was going for a run, and was on Chapel Road, Meonstoke, turning left over the railway line bridge onto New Road. I was suddenly aware of a vehicle coming up behind me, which was driving really slowly (so slowly that it stalled whilst alongside me). It then continued past me onto New Road but continued to drive slowly, and then up New Road. When I got to the top of New Road (the crossroads with Watton Lane) I saw the van parked up on the verge at the junction. It was playing loud classical music. It was a white low van (possibly an Ford Escort van). I turned left and a minute or so later the van came along the road after me. I stopped at the side of the road, and it went past me before stopping again further up the road before it rounded the corner. I ran the other way and then saw a car coming towards me which I believed to be that car so ran into a field and hid. I think the van then came back again whilst I was hiding. Fortunately the van then disappeared and I ran home.

I am sure the van was following me, and I felt everyone should be on they guard.  I have reported this to the police, who have recorded it as a suspicious incident and have issued details to their cars on patrol.
I thought the number plate was LT09 HTM but the police say this doesn’t tally with a white van, but it was definitely something similar to this plate.”
I’d be happy to receive any reports of this vehicle, and obviously please be on your guard..
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