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Intruders on Meonstoke High Street properties

Posted on: 11th Apr 2019

Thu, 11 Apr 2019 18:44
Peter Riley ( (BCC) + 1 more Details

Dear All

To the best of our knowledge, there were 4 incidents last night of intruders entering gardens on the High Street.  One of the residents has CCTV footage of the intruders.  The visits came roughly between 05.00 and 05.30.  The residents with the CCTV footage reported their incident on 101.
Nothing was stolen, as far as we are aware at this time.
I’ve also been in touch with the police and they’ve stated that, “I will ensure our night shift officers from Fareham are aware of the activity overnight so should they have any opportunity then they might be able to pay some attention overnight tonight.”


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