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Neighbourhood Watch

Posted on: 13th Apr 2019

Peter Riley ( (BCC) + 1 more Details

Morning all,
Regarding the suspicious characters at the pub,  I emailed our CPSO with the information and received a good response from him last night.  Here’s part of what he wrote.
“The vehicle does not ring any bells at the moment but it may connect with something in the future.  West Meon has also been getting early morning visitors.  I have been on enquiries there today (12.4) regarding a break in at the village shop.”
​I need say no more, other than – wouldn’t it be nice if we could nail these people!


Peter Riley ( (BCC) + 1 more Details
Dear all,
Had an alert today from Nicki at the Bucks Head.  She had a couple of suspicious looking blokes in who didn’t want to pay for their pints until persuaded otherwise, but had a good look around the pub.
They drove a red, open back transit van that didn’t look more than a couple of years old, with a set of ladders in the back.
Just for your information, folks.  I don’t want to spread alarm, but it’s best that we are all alert to what appears to be a spate of burglaries in East Hants.
To reiterate, should anyone become the victim of crime, it’s important to report it as soon as possible to the police, either on 101, or 999 as befits the situation – see centre page of The Bridge.
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