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Anti-Social Behaviour

Posted on: 9th May 2019

Dear all,

Further to yesterday’s message, I have today informed our CPSO and Sergeant of the situation.  We’ll see what comes of that, but it’s way past the time that these events ended.

If anyone would like to speak to me confidentially about the matter, I can be reached on:

01489 877494 or

07702 863954



Dear all,

I have received the following report of anti-social behaviour in Meonstoke.  If anyone can help identify the culprits, I’d be very pleased to hear from you.

“There have been three young males hanging around the vicinity of the church green at least 3 times  over the last couple of weeks. One is very tall with a hoodie, one is noticeably smaller, the other not remarked on.  Not sure of their ages but there was very loud and aggressive swearing tonight in a deep voice suggesting  at least mid teens. Most worryingly (they have been seen) twice smoking weed on the footpath on both occasions. There was also spitting into (a) garden, I think directed at (a) dog who was covered in it!

My neighbour has noticed these lads too, it’s always afternoon,  early evening. This may be totally unrelated but one evening last week she had some plants stolen from outside her house , this is the first time it’s ever happened. ”

I’ve altered some of the wording – bracketed – to protect the identity of the reporter.




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