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Neighbourhood Watch

Posted on: 3rd Sep 2019

Dear all,

Firstly, I’ve attached some useful information that I’ve received from NW on reporting crime including fraud.
Now for an update on what the criminal community have been up to in East Hants over the past 4 weeks or so.

Theft from vehicles  –  23

Theft of vehicles  –  4

Residential burglaries  –  7

Business burglaries  –  5

Things have been pretty quiet in our villages recently, thankfully, but it’s obvious that activity hasn’t lessened elsewhere.  Sharing of information, and alertness, are essential tools in keeping us as free from crime as possible, as is securing property.

We’re all aware that criminals are turning to fraud, including telephone fraud, as a means of separating us from our assets, which is where the above attachment is of value.  The number and type of telephone scams continues unabated; perhaps the best way of combating these is, if unsure, to seek advice from a friend, neighbour or relative.

Here’s an example of a recent online fraudulent email, purporting to be from Royal Mail


Notice on your Delivery
Dear Consignee,

We would likely need more information before we can deliver your package to you. Your item arrived yesterday on 02/08/2019. Delivery stopped due to wrong address. Note: delivery time is pending your address correction.

Please click highlighted below and make necessary correction to receive your package.

#ShipmentDirectory  (Me – DO NOT CLICK ON THIS!!)


Thank you

Julie Brackstone

Snr Dispatch officer

There are more like this knocking about, so be aware.  I’ve received a few emails telling me that parcels are awaiting collection at ‘the’ post office, and to click ‘here’.  Sometimes it’s fairly obvious from the spelling, punctuation or sender’s email address that it’s fraudulent, but don’t rely on it, and as said – seek advice if unsure.

That sums up the situation at the end of August, but I have another email on fraud that I’ll forward separately.

Best wishes from,

Peter and all your Street Coordinators.



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