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Posted on: 24th Sep 2019

Dear all,
I have today received the following from Hampshire PNN.  Of interest is the Gumtree scam, which I have also experienced – but not taken in by, I hasten to add.
see scam advice below received recently:

“We too had a worrying scam call the other day about the £600 pound transaction imminently going through from our account and telling me to press key 1 immediately. Fortunately, I hung up and got my Husband to check our account later the same day for reassurance. I was worried because I had recently used our card for a purchase from a company I do not usually deal with. From our experiences I think that the scammers bank on catching us at times of day when we are busy, such as meal times, or weary, so less likely to be on our guard and perhaps more vulnerable. I particularly feel for anyone living alone. I wish the authorities and phone companies could prevent and stamp out these invasive and menacing calls.

, HMRC, DVLA credit cards will not ring you this way so please put the phone down and wait for a while before using your phone again, as scammers will mimic the dial tone and call answer to pretend to be your bank etc. so you think you have still rung them direct to check the legitimacy of the call!

scam was on the Gumtree website, when a supposed “buyer” asked if they could pay via Paypal, and then sent what looked like an authentic Paypal advice, which had the asking price of the item and they had added a few hundred pounds to the held by Paypal which would all be released when proof of purchase of several hundred pounds of Amazon vouchers to pay a courier charge,  was sent as a screenshot via email to the “buyer”. This was a definite scam and they would have been able to spend the vouchers without paying a penny.”


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