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Neighbourhood Watch

Posted on: 12th Oct 2019

Paypal Scam and Action Fraud Phishing Email Warning

Our Cyber Protect team would like to make you aware of the following two scams:

PayPal Scam

A new PayPal scam/phishing email is going around asking email recipients to click on a link to access their PayPal account.

Do not click on the link. If you want to check your account visit

Action Fraud phishing email

A new Action Fraud scam/phishing email is going around saying that they have money for email recipients. Do not click on a link.

Under no circumstances will Action Fraud, or a police force, ask you to make a payment in order to recover money that you may have lost.

For more info visit

For advice on how to keep yourself safe from online fraud and cybercrime, please click here.

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