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Neighbourhood Watch

Posted on: 23rd Nov 2019

23 Nov 2019

Dear all
I have received information regarding possibly suspicious activity in the High Street last night.  Here’s the bones of it.
“There were a couple of (men) parked half across the drive of a property (where the High Street joins Chapel Road).  Two men approx  30s+  stood with the car boot open waiting in dark and pouring rain. I asked if they were ok but they wouldn’t look at me other than a side glance..
I reported to 101 and  Police suggested they were going to do a couple drive arounds this eve…we think there were  another couple further up Chapel Rd too!!
Car outside ours  small silver hatch .. couldn’t quite see make model.. other vehicle was blue..they both rushed off..”
I stress that this could have an innocent explanation, and we shouldn’t assume that the occupants of the car were engaged in criminal activity.
Any further information that could throw a light on the occurrence would be appreciated.
23 Nov 2019
Dear all,
Six days ago, a villager warned me about a consequence of using FB (facebook).  I copy it below.
I was awaiting further comment on the matter from Hampshire Police National Network and Hampshire & IOW NW before copying it to all, but two recent developments have meant that I should publicise it now.

“A colleague went away and house was ransacked and to cut a long story short, the insurance would not pay out as she had blatantly posted pictures on FB which sometimes shows your destination.  Apparently, there is something in her small print on her insurance documents about social media while you are away.  Hubby checked ours and yes it basically says that your insurance is void if you advertise the fact that you are absent from home, so please be careful.”

I understand that a recent theft in our villages might have been triggered by comments on FB.
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